Madrid 2018


Bernard Marr

Author, Data Expert and Keynote Speaker

Brian Little

Professor and Expert on Human Personality

Carsten Boje Møller

Division Director

Cindy Alvarez

Principal design researcher at Microsoft

Dan North

Behavior-Driven Developer

Dave Birss

Booster of Creativity and Innovation

Gojko Adzic

Author of Human vs Computers

Henrik Lindström

Senior Product Manager at Spotify

Jonathan MacDonald

Perpetual Changer

Kevlin Henney

Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Trainer

Linda Rising

Agile Change Manager

Lydia Nicholas

AI Anthropologist and Ethicist

Nelli Lähteenmäki

Good-hearted Entrepreneur and CEO

Scott Hanselman

Coder, Writer, Speaker and Teacher

Søren Tranberg Hansen

Consultant, Analyst and Reseacher